My story begins in Moscow, Russia. In 96' my family immigrated to United States, I was 13 years old. My father suggested a High School with a Dance Program, a decision that would change my life forever.

Dancers are athletes. We must be in top shape physically in order to make it as professional dancers. We must have impeccable balance, physical stamina, flexibility, and coordination. It requires a ton of discipline to be able to spend 36 hours a week in a studio perfecting your craft.

After 4 years of concentrated effort, I graduated Fiorello LaGuardia H.S.. Shortly after, I was offered a position in AmericanBalletTheatre, where I have worked for over a decade as a professional dancer.

I call myself a dancer because dancing made me who I am.

Fitness continues on having a remarkable effect on my life. Training improved my physical fitness and greatly reduced my injuries in my career as a dancer. Fitness made me healthier and more confident in all aspects of life. Training can help make YOU be a better father or mother, a better husband or wife, and it can allow you to enjoy more of the things you love in life.

I’m committed to pass along the positive effects of training to YOU! I will help you find the best plan to break your bad habits and achieve your fitness goals.

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX; Understand the process of change. It will take willpower, commitment and desire and it must come from within you. But hopefully I can help you get on the right path of being a better you.

Protect and respect your body. We are all capable of making time for the things we love. Learn to make time for your training. It could change your life. You just have to want it.